Onsite Support

Having onsite technical support is one of the most important tools to keep your office computer infrastructure running at optimal level. At  BITCORE we understand this and therefore have made this our main area of focus and expertise.


Our qualified technicians are well trained in all the major hardware and software packages on the market, so you can be sure of superior service and professional advice.











-         Diagnostics


-         Replacements


-         Repairs


-         Sales


-         Assembly &            Config


-         Printers


-         Consumables                                                                                                           



-         Sales


-         Virus Removals


-         MS Server Support


-         MS WinXX  Support


-         Accounting  Software Support


-         Databases


-         Data Recovery


-         Backups


-         Computer                   Reloads


-         Desktop Support



-         Installations


-         Setup


-         Cable Testing


-         Infrastructure layouts & design


-         VPN


-         WAN (ADSL)            installation, setup, support


-         Wireless Network       installation, setup,       support and                 security



·         Standard Callout Fees are R250 within city limits and we only start to charge once we are onsite.


·         In interest of saving money for our clients, we have introduced a minimum Callout Fee of R99 if 15 minutes or less are spent onsite.