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Backup Services

In the digital era we’re living in, most small to medium sized businesses make the mistake of storing all of their most vital information/data e.g. Documents, contracts, E-Mails, invoices, payroll, etc. in one area.

This practice can be disastrous when faced with power failures, theft, fire, viruses, hackers and hardware failures.



Having a workable, reliable backup system will help protect that vital information/data your company is so dependent on.


We at BITCORE can offer you a custom backup package that will suit your pocket and company requirements!


Our backup services include:


Onsite Backups

à Onsite backups is a backup that is installed onsite that is setup to make manual or 

     automatic backups of data on all of your computers. Depending on the size of 

     your backup, it is stored on any removable device: External HDD’s, CD/DVD’s,



- Full system backups (system ghost) daily/weekly/monthly

- Automated backups and monitoring

- Network backups

- Server backups

- Workstation backups                                   

- SQL & Database backups


Online FTP Backups

à Online backups is a backup of only the most important documents and/or

    database files of your company. It is an automatic backup which runs any time of

    day, week or month that connects to a FTP server on the internet and stores your

    documents on an encrypted server in a remote location. These backups are

    normally much smaller than your onsite backups.


- Manual or Automated FTP backups

- SQL/Database backups

- Important Documents

- Backup monitoring

- Data compression and encryption



Server FTP Backup with 5GB online storage

R199 p/m

Workstation FTP Backup with 5GB online storage

R149 p/m